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job shop costing webinar

Each webinar covers challenges of pricing jobs in a highly custom job shop or machine shop.

We cover how pricing is traditionally done, the pricing challenges most shops encounter and the mistakes most shops make when trying to estimate and quote jobs, and then we cover the Job Shop Pricing approach.

Nothing is held back. During the webinar you learn the full system and what to go do TOMORROW!

If you have not yet read the special report, The 2 Fatal Flaws of the job cost Estimating & Quoting process MUST be Corrected to make sure YOUR Job Shop is Profitable!, you can download that here.

Our webinar system is currently down. Please check out the 7 Pricing Tips then sign up for a strategy session.

Brad Stillahn will be your webinar facilitator. He is a Theory of Constraints Throughput Accounting, Lean and Six Sigma PRICING expert.  Brad has applied Job Shop Pricing in his own custom job shop, as well as, helping custom manufacturers improve their pricing and profitability.


Brad Stillahn

Brad is the foremost expert in the world at applying Theory of Constraints to pricing.