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FREE Job Shop Costing, Quoting & Estimating REPORT:

Job Shop Costing| Job Shop Quoting and Estimating
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“2 Flaws” of job shop costing, estimating, and quoting PDF

 by Brad Stillahn, Theory of Constraint and Job Shop pricing Expert

The job shop costing, estimating, and quoting PDF covers …

  • The 2 fatal flaws effecting most job shops and machine shops when estimating, quoting and pricing.
  • Why “cost accounting” and “standard costing” methods will lead you astray in determining shop rates.
  • Why your volume and capacity assumptions are not accurate .. and how this is causing pricing issues.
  • Estimating can take longer than we’d like and despite the time spent, time estimates are often wrong — so what should you do?
  • How to deal with the inherent variability in mix, volume, capacity and time estimates to price for profitability.

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2 Fatal Flaws
of the Job Cost
Estimating and Quoting
process that MUST be Corrected to make sure YOUR Job Shop is

Job Shop Costing | Job Shop Estimating and Quoting