Surviving the Cash Crunch WEBINAR REPLAY

by | Apr 16, 2020

Science of Business is proud to offer a FREE Cash Management Webinar and free follow up consulting to manufacturers during this Coronavirus / Covid-19 Crisis.

“A company can operate at a Net Loss almost indefinitely and still survive if it has enough cash.  But even a profitable company may not survive a cash crunch.”


“When cash is not a constraint it does not matter, when it is a constraint it’s the ONLY thing that matters.”


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Surviving the Cash Crunch; Timely Guidance for Manufacturers


Manufacturers are facing cancelled or postponed orders, mix changes or have been forced to close.  Cash for many is tight and it’s difficult to predict when this will end.  The key to survival is good understanding of your cash.

  • Do you have enough cash to survive the current crisis?
  • Will government support be enough to bridge the cap?
  • Are your receivables being stretched out?
  • How long will your cash last?
  • What can you do NOW to preserve cash?

We will cover in simple, clear language how a manufacturer can effectively evaluate their cash flow and alternative courses of action to ensure you come out of this crisis in the best financial shape possible.

We'll demonstrate how you can effectively evaluate your shop’s cash flow and alternative courses of action, using the concepts of Throughput Accounting and the Thirteen Week Cash Flow Model (TWCF). This is a unique, simpler take on the TWCF so you don't have to be an accountant.

At the end of the webinar, attendees will be given the opportunity to request help applying the concepts from the webinar to their shop. This help is free, with no obligation and confidential. It's a one-on-one financial health and cash management checkup for YOUR shop.


Dr Lisa Lang –

Brad Stillahn –

Beau Ganas -


Meet the Brad Stillahn and Beau Ganas

Brad Stillahn

Brad is the foremost expert in the world for applying Theory of Constraints to pricing.  He developed his pricing expertise as a business owner and then a consultant helping clients to develop Quick Quoting and Pricing strategies...

Beau Ganas

Beau is a traditionally trained accountant who discovered through experience that typical accounting practices are misleading companies and hindering success.  He now helps companies transition to throughput based systems and metrics...